Classifications of sites or events

To assess reported events and/or sites a rating system is adopted that is weighted towards the skeptical viewpoint. There is no assumption made that ghosts exist. This ensures the highest rating is achieved only when natural explanations have been eliminated. Note that this may cause some events which may be paranormal in origin to be discarded because they could be caused by something natural. This viewpoint is prefered as we believe to claim that an event is caused by something not currently widely accepted as fact, it must be supported by enough evidence to support that it is indeed fact. The classifications used are as follows:


All "unusual" characteristics of an event can be fully satisfied by natural explanations and the evidence indicates this to be the case.

Natural explanation highly likely

A natural explanation cannot be ruled out and remains highly likely.


No conclusion can be reached due to a lack of data to enable further analysis.

Indication of possible activity

Likely natural causes have been eliminated and there remains characteristics considered unusual, but a lack of more supportive data prevents a higher rating.

Evidence of paranormal activity

Solid evidence and supportive data exists that documents an event which defies natural explanations.

It is rare to be in the "right place at the right time", together with the required equipment that allows all of the necessary data to be available. For this reason most events fall within the second, third or fourth classifications.